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Police mission in Lithuania – to protect Lithuanians rights and liberty, to defend the society and State, to help for human being, family and community efficiently applying the possessed resources.

Police vision in Lithuania – engaging, motivated and efficient police for human being and State.

Police system in Lithuania:

  • Engaging – uphold the respect for human being; police is respected and trusted; the conditions are made to improve and to do the duty;
  • Motivated – policemen are honest, loyal to police values, determined and ready to sacrifice themselves;
  • Efficient – solves the problems of human being and society; uses the efficient administration manner and methods in fight with delinquency; seeks for particular results in lowest costs;
  • Police for human being – defends human rights; believes that safe human being makes the State safe; seeks for trust and partnership;
  • Police for State – secures the public order and safety of society; prevents delinquency; defeats the challenges and eliminates the threats for State's safety.

Lithuanian police motto - Defend. Protect. Help.