About ePolice.lt project About ePolice.lt project

ePolicija.lt portal is a website where all lithuanian residents can find and use police electronic services. Every resident of Lithuania has a possibility to report criminal acts, traffic incidents and other law violations in an electronic way and get the feedback from the police about his requested service.
More than 30 electronic police services for residents and business have been implemented. The portal gives a possibility:
  • to report criminal acts, traffic incidents and other violations of the law to the police electronically (reporting service is not for getting an emergency);
  • to provide applications to the police on the issuing licenses and permits, concerning firearms, pyrotechnical products and the security of persons and property activities.
ePolicija.lt provides interactive and easily accessible electronic services.The project covers the entire country. All residents have the possibility of using the electronic services of the police. The major advantages are:
  • People have comfortable, interactive, easily accessible and useful services. People using these services save their time. Residents without leaving their homes, regardless of police work time via the Internet or a mobile phone can provide reports all day, from anywhere in the world.
  • The spectrum of electronic services of the State was improved.
  • Work of private companies (gun shops, security services and dealers of fireworks) and police stations became easier. The transference of police services into the electronic space is an important step, which better organizes work time for mentioned structures.
Transference of the project "Public Police services, render of reports for police" into electronic expansion is financed from European Regional Development Fund according to Economic growth program's 3rd priority „Informational society for everyone" implementation means No. VP2-3.1-IVPK-01 "e-Government services". The project was started to implement in May 2009.